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Cake Smash Photography Portland OR

What Is Cake Smash Photography?

One of the leading photography trends is cake smash photography. You may have heard about it or seen pictures of it. You might just want to learn about this super cute photography trend. Keep reading to learn all about cake smash photography. Maybe you’ll want to try this at your baby’s next photo shoot.

What Is Cake Smash Photography?

Cake smash photography is a type of milestone photography where a baby is pictured with a cake. They might stick their hands in it, eat it, or not even pay attention to it at all. This can be a quite messy photoshoot for the baby but has the cutest outcome with pictures for you to commemorate this special time.

According to, photographers recommend that newborn photography take place when a baby is 5 to 10 days old. This being said, you can’t have a cake smash photoshoot too early in a child’s life due to the choking hazard of the cake. Many parents do this type of photoshoot for their baby’s first birthday.

What Can You Plan For This Type of Photography?

If you are thinking about scheduling your cake smash photographer, you should have a theme planned out. This can be one you found on Pinterest or it can be planned around your favorite children’s book. The theme all depends on your aesthetic goals and what you envision. You can also ask your cake smash photographer for suggestions, as they’ll have experience in this type of photography.

You can plan the background setting, props to surround your baby, and your baby’s outfits. You can have multiple outfit changes during an infant photography session to give you more stunning pictures to choose from when planning which ones to frame in your home. It is all up to you, even down to the cake; the second most important part of the photoshoot, next to your baby. The cake is what makes the photoshoot, so choosing one that is made with safe ingredients and is allergy-free for your child is very important. Choosing the right colors is essential, too, especially when you want to lure your child to smash the cake for their photographs.

There are so many options when it comes to newborn and infant photoshoots. Contact any of your local infant photography services and they’ll show you a ton of options for your baby. This is where you can find a great cake smash photographer.

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What Is Cake Smash Photography?

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