I’m Ranjani Ramakrishnan, Founder and photographer for

Grace Photography PDX.

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I’ve been working as a professional photographer for the past four years. After I had my gorgeous daughter, Ava, I became completely obsessed with taking her photo. I wanted to find the perfect little outfits, the right colors for her beautiful rosy cheeks, and the right lighting to make her shine like light in my life that she is.

But what started as a hobby grew into a passion that I felt empowered to follow. I felt like the beauty that I could capture for Ava was something that every parent should be able to have. So I started taking photos for other families. I eventually went on to leave my successful corporate job in computer engineering to become a photographer full time. 

My passion for photography isn’t about me, it’s about you. The moments that you get to save in your life are your story. They’re what will remind you of those beautiful, silly times that you had with you loved ones through the years. To me, there is no more precious gift than that. That’s why I’m a photographer

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